Policy Number

IOU Policy # ST/016/2015


The purpose of this policy is to define the admission protocol of MA in Islamic Studies with Concentration in Arabic Program at the Islamic Online University.



Date of Approval

July 29, 2015.

Policy Statement

To facilitate the applicants of MA in Islamic Studies Program who are eligible to join the program with sound background of Islamic Studies but lack expertise in the Arabic language or wish to improve the knowledge of Arabic language and grammar, the Islamic Online University is launching a new program: MA in Islamic Studies with Concentration in Arabic.

 1.1 Important Point to Note

A. The eligibility criteria that make a student eligible to apply for the MA in Islamic Studies with Concentration in Arabic Program are the same as mentioned in IOU Policy # ST/001/2015.

B. The eligible applicants may choose this stream of study on their own accord.

C. In some cases, the University may recommend certain applicants to pursue this stream of study when they do not acquire the passing score at the MA Arabic Exemption Exam.

D. The MA students of this stream will enroll into the BMAIS Arabic I, II and III courses along with the Bridge Diploma to MAIS students. The MAIS students may not enroll into Intensive Arabic Program alongside the MA Program due to the shorter length of the Intensive Arabic sessions per semester.


1.2 Curriculum

Semester 1

AQD 501

Tawheed Asmaa Wa Sifaat

FQH 501

Maqaasid Ash-Shariah

TAF 501

Tafseer I

ARB BM 101

Arabic Grammar BMAIS I

HAD 501

Saheeh Al Bukhari: Chapter on Sales (Fat’hul Bari)

DHD 501

Muslim Minorities


Semester 2

AQD 502

The Asha’irah

FQH 502

Contemporary Fiqh Issues

TAF 502

Tafseer II

HST 501

History of the modern Muslim world

EDU 402

Educational Administration

ARB BM 102

Arabic Grammar BMAIS II


Semester 3

AQD 503

Aqeedah III

FQH 503

International Relations

FQH 504

Qada Wa Siyaa’sa Shar’eeyah

ARB BM 201

Arabic Grammar BMAIS III

HAD 502

Defense of the Sunnah

DHD 502



Semester 4

ARB 501

Arabic Morphology

THS 501

MA Thesis


Semester 5

ARB 502

Arabic Communication Skills


Semester 6

ARB 503

Arabic Literature


Benefits of the Policy

This policy will provide the scope to study Arabic in further details for those students who desire to do so or may have the need to do so. 

Fees Structure

The same fees structure of MAIS Program per semester will apply to this stream of study based on classification of countries by Human Development Index.