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Psychology is an academic subject which encompasses a wide range of sub-areas such as health management, normal and pathological behavior, emotion, well-being, cognition, neurosciences, social interactions and motivation. It considers the interplay between physical, psychological, cultural, religious and social influences in order to understand why people behave the way that they do. At the IOU, we aim at offering students a broad education in the different sub-disciplines of psychology, including courses of Islamic studies, applied clinical training, and complementary subjects for the psychological professional, such as guidance and counselling, computers and I.T., English language and professional development.

The Bachelor’s of Science degree program aims to train students through a systematic and scientific study of human behaviors and experiences, and to develop their ability to evaluate critical theories and evidence in the psychological and human sciences. In addition, the program aims to develop the students’ practical skills to enable them for further training in academic psychology and research or pursue careers in a number of areas of employment, from social to clinical, from learning to workplace.

The practice of our online learning and teaching is based on Outcomes-Based Education.

Both the product and process curriculum models were used in the design and development of the course program. The program adopts an embedded integrated approach to curriculum development and is informed and underpinned by principles of understanding psychology from a holistic perspective, including social, psychological, physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions of human behaviors and experiences. 

The degree program focuses on the theories and approaches to the understanding of human behavior across different core areas of Psychology, without limiting study to any specific area. The undergraduate students will gain a range of literacy and numeracy skills, critical reading, report writing, survey research, experimentation and the ability to use statistical methods to assess research findings. Our BSc Psychology will also prepare potential students to progress to the department’s postgraduate courses. The Bachelor’s program has been developed and taught by leading experts from a range of specialist psychological fields.

Our flexible degree programs enable students to apply to take a Clinical Placement Year, which can be spent in psychological, counselling or health-related services. To recognize the importance of this additional skills development and university experience, the Clinical Placement Year will be formally recognized and will contribute to the overall result of the degree. 

Psychology graduates from International Open University are of transferable skills that make the IOU graduates to be highly attractive to potential employers for excellent employability prospects in a range of fields. Psychology graduates for example, can move into careers in Management, Finance, Social Work, Probation, Prison Services, Health Promotion, Neuroscience, Advertising, Counselling, Education, Health Professions, Human Resources.  They also have the option to progress in professional areas of psychology, such as Forensic Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Sports Psychology and Health Psychology.

Upon completion of the program, the student will be awarded the Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology.


Upon completion of the program, students should be able to

The principal learning outcomes (PLOs) are embedded and matched to each module of the BSc Psychology program.

PLO1  Demonstrate knowledge of theories and approaches to the understanding of human behavior across different core areas of psychology.

PLO2  Demonstrate knowledge and skills in the application of the psychology of human behavior in real life scenarios.

PLO3  Develop transferable skills in literacy and numeracy skills, critical reading, report writing, survey research, experimentation and the ability to use statistical methods to assess research findings.

PLO4  Develop skills in the selection, use and report of appropriate psychological methods and research techniques.

PLO5  Gain practical experience through an integrated 60-hour placement, linking theory to practice.

PLO6  Able to adopt the correct attitude and ethical principles and practices in dealing with human behaviors.


The BSc Psychology program aligns with the vision and mission of IOU by:

  • Providing facilitated access to quality higher education to all students on a global scale particularly in the field of psychology.

  • Providing an enriched learning environment with a commitment to excellence in undergraduate and graduate psychological studies. 

  • Strengthen the theory and practice of psychological sciences at international levels through our innovative curriculum, scholarly contributions, and rigorous preparation of reflective and critical thinkers, and practitioners.

  • Providing a foundation for the scientific understanding of behavior and human experiences by collaborative learning and scholarship among its undergraduates and faculty, guided by the core values of our University. 

  • Committing to creating diverse, scholarly communities, where students are encouraged to engage in intellectual rigor, high ethical standards and critical evaluation.

  • Promoting the Islamic values of peace, harmony and tolerance, embedded in the curriculum, pedagogical practices and teaching approaches of this program.


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