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Flexible and Customized Study Plans

International Open University offers a range of organized and structured flexible study plans for its various Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science programs. We give utmost importance to provide the best study guide possible to meet our students’ needs and circumstances. The purpose of IOU is not only to see its students graduate with our customized programs, but also to see them pass on the knowledge gained at IOU to others and implement that knowledge throughout their lives. 
To achieve this goal, we have designed flexible and customized plans for our students to choose from, which are interchangeable each semester. A student who chooses one plan for one semester is allowed to choose another plan the following semester. The only mandatory requirement is that the student completes the entire program within a maximum period of twelve years (24 semesters).

SEMESTER PLAN 1: Full-time semester plan:

In this plan a student may enroll into four or five courses each semester, which lasts for approximately five months. For each module, there is one recorded lecture by the instructor. There are also recorded supplementary sessions conducted by the faculty members for each of the modules. Students following this semester plan are expected to devote four hours per week per subject – or at least three hours, to listening to the lectures, reading the assigned text for the session, taking the session (module) quiz, and preparing class assignments (if any). This requires about twenty hours per week of studying.

1. The plan above is beneficial to students who want to complete their degree in four years (by taking 5 courses per semester) and who wish to gain knowledge in an organized and structured manner.
2. This is an ideal study plan for students under regular/normal circumstances. 

SEMESTER PLAN 2: Part-time study:

Part-time students are allowed to take as few as one course per semester, however they may take upto 3 courses per semester in this plan. The students must complete the entire program in a maximum of twleve years (24 semesters). We, therefore, recommend that students take about half of the full load (i.e. three courses) and devote nine to twelve hours per week studying. If, due to personal circumstances, a student is unable to take three courses and takes only one or two courses per semester, then he/she will have to take more courses in subsequent semesters so that the entire program can be completed within twelve years.

1. This is a plan recommended for busy students (e.g., working, studying, married). We advise students to go at a slower pace if they have time restrictions which prevent them from concentrating on a larger number of courses. 
2. Although the students have an option to pause their studies after a semester or two, we do not recommend they do so. If a student is busy and is unable to devote time for a full-time study load, then we recommend that he/she choose the part-time semester plan.
3. The fees plan of part-time study plan is different from the full-time plan. Students must pay the fees according to their country of residence. 

SEMESTER PLAN 3: Accelerated study plan

Students following this semester plan should take six or seven courses per semester. Students who are capable of devoting more time towards their studies and who wish to complete the online learning bachelors degree in less than four years are allowed to take a maximum of seven courses. Students taking seven courses per semester will be able to complete the degree in less than four years. Such students will have to devote thirty hours per week to their studies. 


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