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English Support Course

  1. Target Audience

This course is tailored for the IOU students at the CEFR B2 level who are granted conditional confirmation to IOU’s degree programmes. The ultimate goal is to propel them to the advanced CEFR C1 level and equip them with the linguistic skills necessary for success in academic settings.

  1. Course Duration

The course spans one semester, during which students enhance their speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. The curriculum is meticulously designed to foster critical thinking, discussion abilities, and an advanced grasp of vocabulary and grammar.

  1. Key Learning Objectives
  1. Develop and enhance speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.
  2. Cultivate advanced vocabulary for nuanced expression.
  3. Foster critical thinking through engaging discussions.
  4. Navigate complex academic environments with linguistic confidence.
  1. Course Structure and Topics

The course covers study modules that delve into the following subjects:
communication and cultural diversity, education, lifestyle, health, travel, the media, work, the environment, people, society, technology, and the future.

  1. Focus

The course adopts a holistic approach, focusing on both receptive (reading, listening) and productive (speaking, writing) skills. Additional emphasis is put on expanding vocabulary and mastering advanced grammar structures.

  1. Teaching Methodology
  • Interactive Live Sessions
  • Five weekly live online sessions, facilitating real-time engagement and personalized interaction.
  • High-Quality Textbooks
  • Meticulously selected textbooks to ensure a well-rounded and top-tier educational experience.
  • Multimedia Resources
  • Dynamic materials, including videos, podcasts, and articles to enhance the learning experience.
  • Online Games
  • Gamified elements to make learning enjoyable and effective.
  • Discussions
  • Platforms for collaborative learning, encouraging students to express opinions and ideas.
  • Authentic Materials
  • Real-world materials to bridge the gap between classroom learning and practical application.
  1. Schedule and Timings
  • Five weekly live online classes held in mixed-gender groups.
  • The schedule is announced at the start of the semester. Students may select a morning or an evening slot.
  • The class hours are stated according to the Universal Time Coordinated (UTC).
  1. Registration Details

Students who are granted conditional confirmation to IOU’s degree programmes will be required to first pay the semester fee and enrol in their respective courses. Afterwards, they will be automatically enrolled in the English Support Course.

Students are granted a maximum of two attempts to pass the English Support Course. If they fail this course twice, their IOU course studies will be temporarily suspended until they clear the English Support Course.

  1. Assessment and Grading

We employ a comprehensive assessment system to gauge our students’ linguistic progress and ensure a deep understanding of the material.

The following are the key assessments:

  • Weekly Module Tests
  • Regular assessments to check understanding and provide ongoing feedback.
  • Final Written Semester Test in Moodle
  • Cumulative test evaluating overall comprehension.
  • Final Semester Oral Test
  • Oral assessment to measure verbal communication skills.
  • Written Assignments
  • Tasks promoting advanced writing skills.
  • Attendance
  • Regular participation ensures engagement and collaborative learning.



Minimum Score Required




Weekly Module Tests



Final Semester Test



Written Assignments



Semester Speaking Assessment




  1. Costs and Fees:

The course is for students enrolled in an IOU degree programme as a prerequisite for programme entry. The student incurs no fee.


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