Streams Offered at IOU

M.A in Islamic Studies Degree (MAIS)

Students who meet our minimum admission requirements of M.A.I.S. degree are eligible to receive an M.A. degree upon successful completion of the program. To learn about the M.A. degree admission requirements, please click this link.

IOU M.A.I.S Advanced Diploma

Those who do not meet our M.A. degree minimum admission requirements or have no provable educational qualification will receive an IOU M.A.I.S Advanced Diploma upon completion of the entire program. This stream of study is under our Open Education Program, the details of which may be found here.

M.A.I.S Audit Courses

Those who wish to audit courses without taking exams at our supervised exam centers will be issued a certificate of attendance upon completion of the whole course of study. 
There is no minimum qualification to audit a course. Those who do not meet our minimum admission requirements for M.A.I.S. degree or possibly have no provable educational qualification may also join this stream..

Higher Diploma (Bridge to M.A.)

Students, who already possess an undergraduate degree or its equivalent in other disciplines and would like to enter the master’s degree program rather than the undergraduate degree program, may enroll in the one-and-a-half-year (three semesters) higher diploma course which acts as a prerequisite bridge certificate for entering the M.A.I.S. program. 
The minimum academic qualification to enter the IOU Higher Diploma program is a bachelor’s degree (in any field). For more details, click here.

The university is not obliged to accept all applicants.
Applicants interested in further information are invited to contact our Info Desk at info@iou.edu.gm.


Applying to International Open University

The current program is presently not available.
We are in the process of improving this program and will open the admissions once it has been finalized.

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