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Minimum Eligibility for MA in Islamic Studies Course Based Program Applicants

In order to be admitted to our accredited online Master of Arts in Islamic Studies Course based program, the candidates must have:

  • An accredited Bachelor’s degree in Islamic Studies or a relevant Honour’s degree or a relevant postgraduate certificate or diploma.
  • An accredited B.A. (in any discipline other than Islamic studies), B.Sc., B.Com., equivalent, along with Bridge to MAIS from the IOU or have completed a minimum of 120 credits in Islamic Studies or a related field. 

Eligibility of MAIS Course Based Program Applicants without a B.A. or Higher Diploma in Islamic Studies

MAIS Course Based program admission eligibility of students with an accredited bachelor’s degree (in any discipline other than Islamic studies) or higher along with minimum 120 credit hours of university level core Islamic studies courses is subject to the performance of the MAIS Admission Test and MAIS Arabic Admission Test.

Click here to access the details about the MAIS. Admission Test and MAIS Arabic Admission Test including the passing grades of the tests.

English Requirements

Applicants should be competent in English as a language of teaching and learning (LOTL).

Postgraduate applicants who have English as an additional/foreign language are required to achieve a minimum of IELTS 6.5 with 6.0 in each component or equivalent.

Should English be an additional/foreign language, then the applicant may be required to also write an English for Academic Purposes Placement test (EAPP) with IOU.

Please click here for more information. 

Note: Admission Disclaimer 

I- The Faculty Management Committee and Head of the Department reserve the right to assess, accept, or decline admission to any program, irrespective of prior graduation from IOU (International Online University). This decision is made at the discretion of the committee and department heads, taking into consideration various factors.


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