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Top Three Students

Top-ten list of students for semester FALL2017
Rank Student Country Percentage
1 Amutul Raheem India 91.0067
2 Maria Khan Thailand 90.785
3 Ali Ismail Mohamed Somalia 89.1383
4 Raheela Ahmad United States 88.38
5 Rafia Farooq Pakistan 87.3617
6 Fatima Mohammed Dabarako Saudi Arabia 86.8267
7 Sithi Katheeja India 86.395
8 Ferdousy Akhter Tani Bangladesh 83.765
9 Attahiru Asma'u Aliyu Nigeria 82.385
10 Yasmin Toor Pakistan 82.355

Applying to International Open University

The current program is presently not available.
We are in the process of improving this program and will open the admissions once it has been finalized.

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