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Credit Transfer Guide

IOU students who have studied and completed one or more of the undergraduate or graduate courses from other accredited universities can apply for a university credits transfer.

Please Note

  • Credit transfer will only be processed for the courses studied and completed with a passing grade at an accredited university or college. Credit transfers will NOT be accepted for subjects studied in schools or private institutions.
  • A student can request a university credits transfer or college credits transfer for a maximum of 8 courses.
  • Attested supporting documents of external credit transfer must be posted to the Admissions Office along with other required documents for admission confirmation. The supporting documents of credit transfer include photocopies of university transcripts bearing proof of successful completion of relevant courses against which transfer credits have been approved. Each of the documents must bear a notary stamp and a signature.


Application Processing Fee

  • A standard, non-refundable processing fee, equivalent to half the normal semester fee, is charged for the credit transfer application. (Please click here to see the full time and part time semester fees plans for the country of your residence. For example, students from very high developed countries paying the part time semester fee of USD $310 would be charged USD $155 for a credit transfer application).
  • The credit transfer request will be processed only after the application processing fee is received by the IOU.

This amount will be credited towards the credit transfer fees (see below) if the credit transfer application is found to meet the criteria and is granted. Do note, however, that if the credit transfer application does not meet the criteria and is rejected, the application processing fee will neither be refunded nor credited towards any other fee (like semester fees, etc). So please be sure that you meet the above criteria before applying for credit transfers.

Credit Transfer Fee

  • The credit transfer fee is applicable only after the CT application has been accepted.
  • The credit transfer fee is charged according to the fee of a part-time, full-time or accelerated study plan. For example, if a student requests a credit transfer for up to six courses, he/she would pay the fee which is equivalent to one full-time semester of study. If the student requests a credit transfer for seven to eight courses, he/she would have to pay the fees equivalent to accelerated study plan.

Please click HERE to read the instructions to send CT Applications

All credit transfer related queries should be directed to the Info Desk at info@iou.edu.gm

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