Master of Arts in Islamic Studies

Method: Online
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AQD 501Aqeedah 501None
HAD 501Hadeeth 501None
FQH 501Fiqh 501None
TAF 501Tafseer 501None
TAF 502Tafseer 502None
DHD 502 OrientalismNone
AQD 502Aqeedah 502None
FQH 502Contemporary Fiqh IssuesNone
HAD 502Hadeeth 502None
HAD 503Hadeeth 503None
FQH 503International RelationsNone
TAF 503Al-TAFSEER (The interpretation of seemingly contradictory verses)None



FQH 504Qada Wa Siyaa'sa Shar'eeyahNone
ARB 503Arabic LiteratureNone
THS 501Thesis Preparation and Researchcompletion of 12 courses
HAD 504Contradictory HadeethNone
THS 502MA ThesisTHS 501
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