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Student Support

Students at IOU enjoy the support of dedicated full-time qualified faculty members, who are responsible for answering any questions students may have about the course.

Additionally, guest lecturers from the various fields offered by IOU and beyond will be invited from time to time, to enrich the program by providing an avenue for students to experience, firsthand, the cutting edge of academic research and professional expertise. Students will be informed of the timings and will be given ample opportunity to participate. The sessions will also be recorded and kept in the IOU archive for later viewing by those unable to watch the sessions live.


There is a faculty for each course. The ​faculty may or may not be the actual instructor of the course. The ​faculty member, however, is able to handle all issues related to the course they are assigned to. They provide academic support and facilitate learning by:

  1. Providing further clarification of materials studied in the recorded lectures.
  2. Facilitating access to resources such as online libraries and additional learning materials.
  3. Monitoring usage of module videos
  4. Grading assignments
  5. Supervising forums to ensure that they are properly utilized.

The faculty will work together with the Coordinator, Registrar and the Dean to ensure that all students receive the support they need to succeed in their studies


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