Master of Arts in Islamic Studies

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Minimum Eligibility for M.A. in Islamic Studies Degree Program Applicants

In order to be admitted to our accredited online Master of Arts in Islamic Studies degree program, the candidates must have:

  1. An accredited Bachelor’s degree in Islamic Studies or
  2. An accredited B.A. (in any discipline other than Islamic studies), B.Sc., B.Com., equivalent, or higher along with Bridge to M.A.I.S.*Higher Diploma from the IOU.

*Click here for details about the Bridge to M.A.I.S program.

Eligibility of M.A.I.S. Applicants without a B.A. or Higher Diploma in Islamic Studies

M.A.I.S. admission eligibility of students with an accredited bachelor’s degree (in any discipline other than Islamic studies) or higher along with minimum 36 credit hours of university level core Islamic studies courses is subject to the performance of the M.A.I.S. Admission Test and MAIS Arabic Admission Test.

Click here to access the details about the M.A.I.S. Admission Test and MAIS Arabic Admission Test including the passing grades of the tests.

Broadening the Scope of Study

  1. IOU M.A.I.S. Advanced Diploma stream is under the IOU Open Education Program. This is for those students who do not have the minimum qualifications to gain access to the knowledge imparted in the M.A.I.S. degree.
  2. IOU also offers an alternative audit stream for those who may or may not have the minimum qualifications and want access to the knowledge, but do not want to take the exams (i.e., they wish to do the audit courses only.)

IOU M.A.I.S. Advanced Diploma and M.A.I.S. Audit Courses

No proof of prior educational qualification is required to enroll in our accredited online Advanced Diploma Program under the IOU Open Education Program.
The Advanced Diploma graduates will receive a diploma attested from the Ministry of Culture and Higher Education in Somalia upon completion of the entire program. Please note that the credits earned at the IOU Open Education Programdo not carry the equivalent of university credits toward any of the degree, associate degree, higher diploma, or certificate program at the IOU nor toward the admission requirement of any of those programs.
Those who wish to do audit courses without taking exams will be issued a Certificate of Attendance upon completion of the whole course of study.

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